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Site with link now working

To Subscribers: If you attempted to download the booklet advertised in yesterday’s post (“Same-Sex Intimacy and the Old Testament”) and the link failed to work, I apologize. The site with a working link should now be functional. See the original post or this link to that post (if it works; my batting average…

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Gibberish or Shirebbig? Reading the Ban on Male Intercourse in Leviticus

We love shortcuts in our fast paced society. After all, who needs to learn Hebrew to get a Hebrew tattoo? Why bother with cultural and literary contexts when we can read scripture and understand its “obvious” meaning? In concise terms, shortcuts can be dangerous. We may end up with Hebrew gibberish tattooed on…

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RuPaul and the Clarity of Scripture

I’m confused. Let my children and former students echo a mighty “Amen.” I’m confused these days by statements that speak of “clear Biblical teaching” about same-sex attraction (and related LGBTQ issues). To speak of my field of study (Old Testament), I find that the text is simply not as straightforward as it might…

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