Prayers and Psalms

A collection of forty-three psalms and prayers written between 2013-2016. New prayers are posted as blog posts. Limited permission is granted for reuse of these psalms in worship or other venues. If printed in any form attribution must be given as “Glenn Pemberton,” Special permission is required to print three or more of these prayers at one time in any form, print, electronic, etc., and must be secured by request at [email protected]

NOTE: On some hand-held devices the right side of the prayers may be cut off. You may find it helpful to rotate your screen, pinch the text to shrink its size, or swipe to the left to view the text.

For Boston and West (April 2013)

Mother’s Day (2013)

For Moore, Oklahoma (Spring 2013)

A Prayer for Teachers (June 2013)

Father’s Day #1 (2013)

Father’s Day #2 (2013)

On a Warm Summer’s Evening – A Prayer for Rain (2013)

Before a Bible Class (Summer 2013)

To a God who Laughs (Summer 2013)

The Knot at the End of the Rope (Summer 2013)

For the Beauty of the Earth (Summer 2013)

The Thief at Midnight (Summer 2013)

For Angie and Daniel (Fall 2013)

Black Friday (Thanksgiving 2013)

Ash Wednesday (March 2014)

For Preachers (March 2014)

On Waiting – In a Hurry (March 2014)

For the Ukraine – A Prayer for Peace (March 2014)

For the Tears (March 2014)

Alone with God – Counting my Blessings (March 2014)

Senior Blessing (April 2014)

The Lord’s Prayer (#1)

The Lord’s Prayer (#2)

The Lord’s Prayer (#3)

Prayer for a Grandson

The Keeper (Futbol Fever 2014)

Colorado (2014)

Colorado, near Hancock (2014)

A Little Hope (before surgery, 2014)

For Detained Children (2014)

A Time to be Thankful (2014)

Reading Genesis 1-2 (2014)

Reading Genesis 3-11 (2014)

Reading Genesis 12-24 (2014)

Reading Genesis 25-35 (2014)

Reading Genesis 36-50 (2014)

Thanksgiving 2014 (2014)

Black Friday (2014, revised from 2013)

Mother’s Day (2015)

Memorial Day (2015)

Memorial Day (2016)

I can’t say “Thank You” yet (2016)

We Share in Common (2016)

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