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Glenn Pemberton is a minister turned professor turned writer. After serving churches in Texas and Colorado, Glenn completed a Ph.D. (Old Testament). He then taught at Oklahoma Christian University before coming to Abilene Christian University in 2005, retiring as professor emeritus in 2017 due to a severe chronic pain. Glenn now spends his time writing for the church. Along with short essays he has published four books, including The God who Saves: An Introduction to the Message of the Old Testament (2015), and Hurting with God: Learning to Lament with the Psalms (2012). Glenn and his wife Dana continue to live in Abilene, Texas.

North to Alaska

My friends, it has been my intention to prepare several posts to deploy at the end of this week, next week, and the beginning of the next (through Monday, June 26) while I take a little boat ride with Dana up to Alaska (the inside passage). But, alas, my full press to complete an…

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For London and Britain

Lord, it’s true you have been our help, generation after generation. Before you gave birth to mountains, to the earth or inhabited world, from forever to forever, you are God. But while a thousand years are a day or like a brief time at night, it’s not so for humans—we are like green…

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A Post You Will Hate (But Should Really Read)

Today we follow in the shadow of Brueggemann’s, “Grief, Despair, Hope” (see “A book you will hate (but must read)” from Tuesday); tackling an idea on the fringes of his topic, but not explored in the book. It’s nothing new. In fact, the catch phrases are a bit worn down: America was founded…

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