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Lessons Learned from My Dad

As I considered what I might write this month for CHARIS, especially with consideration for Father’s Day, I initially thought I might write an article about spiritual lineage. Father’s Day is one of those holidays that honestly makes me a little uneasy. The holiday presents similar challenges to that of Mother’s Day: how… Read More

Posted by Amy McLaughlin-Sheasby


They whisper to us. From the pages of Scripture, countless women whisper to us. But if we’re too loud with our preconceived notions of what women can and cannot do, who they can and cannot be, we will miss it. We won’t hear them praying, teaching, prophesying, and preaching. We’ll overlook it when… Read More

Posted by Jen Hale Christy

Transforming Leadership

When you are deeply invested in something, you begin to own it. For persons in church leadership, the well-being of congregations and the effectiveness of ministries can become personal. We want them to flourish! Of course, the desire for flourishing congregations is rooted in our desire for gospel proclamation and for God’s mission.… Read More

Posted by Carson E. Reed

The Fire of Suffering

“I wish it wasn’t so hard,” she said sitting across the office from me. As was our custom, I sat on the couch and she sat in my desk chair as we talked. I with my cup of coffee, and she opening and closing the laptop in front of her nervously. We met… Read More

Posted by Kelly Edmiston

Don’t Check Your Wounds at the Door

“The best church I’ve ever been a part of is Alcoholics Anonymous!” I was shocked to hear the words tumble from my friend’s mouth, and embarrassed that he would share such a personal detail of his life with our whole class. The uncomfortably casual quip arose in the midst of a heated class… Read More

Posted by Amy McLaughlin-Sheasby

For Mothers

As a father of two wonderful girls still with me and one gone too soon, and as a husband who watches his wife celebrate two and grieve another, especially on Mother’s Day, I offer this prayer. — God, creator of life, Jesus, sustainer of life, and Holy Spirit, conduit of all life: In… Read More

Posted by Chess Cavitt


Stone-Campbell Hymnals

Lyrics, scanned pages, MIDI files, and background information on the authors and compilers for over 9,000 hymns from 19 hymnals.

 Read More

Brackett Library

This collection contains interviews conducted at Harding University in the 1970s with Church of Christ missionaries from all over the world (Switzerland, France, Italy, Holland, Nigeria, Jordan, etc.)

 Read More


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