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The Space between Grace and Discipline

One of the hardest things in life is knowing where to stand. On a recent trip to Israel I had the honor of going to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. I’m not sure what was happening that day, but there were people everywhere. It was a veritable feast of polite pushing, rushed…

Posted by Adam Daniels

No Room for Snobbery

In a recent meeting, a group I work with was discussing which version of the Bible to use for an event. One of the attendees good naturedly quipped that for small churches, we should only use the King James Version, and although this was said in good humor, it hints at a common…

Posted by Alyssa Johnson

The Things that Make for Peace: Getting Off Facebook

I’m using my blog posts this year to explore a question that emerged from my encounter with Luke 19:42 last year: What are the thingsthat make for peace? You can find the rest of the series here. — This year on Ash Wednesday, I walked down the hall to my wife’s office (we’re both on the ministry…

Posted by Ben Fike

Midweek Musings - Summer in Abilene, Surviving the Heat

Summer in Abilene and throughout West Texas is the time to ask friends where they have been or where they are going. Friends don’t let friends stay in the heat until they have asked what’s wrong with them or taken them to get a brain scan, or both. Those who stay behind for…

Posted by Glenn Pemberton

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

In my frequent work with church leadership teams, I find that a constant challenge for ministers and elders is the way they address the relational dynamics that are constantly present in a congregation. When all is said and done, a critical component of leadership is how to relate to people! One way to…

Posted by Carson E. Reed

A Tribute to Ted Pemberton

My father’s younger brother, Ted Pemberton, passed away this past Saturday morning (May 20, 2017) in his sleep at the age of 83. Leaving behind his wife of over fifty years, Cecil Faye, and more children than anyone would ever believe. I knew five best, but not the hundreds (or more) they fostered…

Posted by Glenn Pemberton


World Convention

In Christ, all are reconciled to God and to each other, and in the Spirit, God calls us to proclaim this good news throughout the world. World Convention (Christian-Churches of Christ-Disciples of Christ) embodies and encourages fellowship, understanding, and common purpose within this global family of churches and relates them to the whole…

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Journal of Faith and the Academy

The Journal of Faith and the Academy is a biannual publication of the Institute of Faith and the Academy at Faulkner University in Montgomery, AL. It is devoted to research and reflection on how the Christian faith shapes and informs the study and teaching of all academic disciplines as well as how the…

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LEAVEN is a non-profit journal published quarterly by the Religion Division at Pepperdine University. LEAVEN exists to help fellow Christians think together about the challenges of ministry.

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The Restoration Movement is a site dedicated to the history of the restoring of New Testament Christianity all around the globe over the last several hundred years. Many men and women have dedicated themselves to the preaching and teaching of the original gospel who have been all but forgotten.

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Christian Studies

Austin Graduate School of Theology supports scholarship and ministry through publication of an academic journal, a blog and the Christian Studies Press.

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Stone-Campbell Hymnals

Lyrics, scanned pages, MIDI files, and background information on the authors and compilers for over 9,000 hymns from 19 hymnals.

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Brackett Library

This collection contains interviews conducted at Harding University in the 1970s with Church of Christ missionaries from all over the world (Switzerland, France, Italy, Holland, Nigeria, Jordan, etc.)

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CHARIS hosts conversations of and about Churches of Christ. The website is intended to support education for Christian life and community through contemporary discussions and historical sources that variously witness to the gifts (“charis”) of God among Churches of Christ, especially their plea for visible unity among Christians through ongoing renewal and restoration of Scriptural beliefs and practices among God’s people.

The CHARIS website is supported by Abilene Christian University (Abilene, TX, USA), the Center for Heritage and Renewal in Spirituality (CHARIS) at ACU. The purpose of CHARIS at ACU is to seek God’s blessings for a healthy relationship between the Christian college/university – its faculty, staff, and students – and the church heritage that gives identity and meaning to such a school. This underlying concern for Christian colleges/universities, and their relationship to the churches, is reflected in the form and content of the CHARIS website.

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