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Living Stones: Recognizing the DNA of Your Church

When a group of church leaders gather, a debate often begins about whether a church is an organism or an organization. Is the church a living thing – full of dynamic life and rich relationships? Or is the church, especially in the 21st century, comprised of systems and programs that require strategic attention?…

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Relationships and Leadership

I recently participated in a learning workshop with faculty from a half-dozen seminaries and schools that train persons for ministerial leadership. One thing that came very clear in the reports we heard and in the conversations that followed was the vital role that relationality plays for effective leadership and care in congregations. Relationships…

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When Leaders Listen

A few days ago I walked out of a two-hour oral defense for one of our Doctor of Ministry students. His doctoral project, which he successfully “defended,” focused on the development of leaders. One of the unintended results of his intervention was the deep communal connections that took place when people are called together to…

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