Siburt Institute – Mission Revisited

As September approaches, the Siburt Institute for Church Ministry begins its fifth year of ministry to leaders and congregations. Our executive team held its annual review day in May, and we were inspired by the development of new services and encouraging stories from people and the churches where they worship and serve. We are grateful for the ways God has blessed the life of the institute, and we are hopeful for what lies ahead!

I want to share with you our revised mission statement and the four distinct practices that the Siburt Institute seeks to embody:

The Siburt Institute for Church Ministry exists to offer resources and best practices for leading congregational communities in pursuit of God’s mission in the world and to provide avenues for the spiritual formation of Christian leaders. In doing so, the institute promotes constructive and collaborative relationships between churches and Abilene Christian University.

The Siburt Institute fulfills its mission through:

  1. Formation: Helping leaders pursue their identity in Christ and clarify their calling through spiritual formation. The Siburt Institute views vocation – understanding God’s call – as foundational to those who lead.
  2. Resourcing: Offering ideas, tools and materials to congregations and church leaders so they may flourish as they seek to be faithful to their work and life.
  3. Networking: Nurturing a wide array of relationships among leaders to foster meaningful connections with other leaders, consultants and learning communities.
  4. Reflection: Providing avenues to reflect on ministry and culture, faith, and best practices. God is actively at work in our world; reading and interacting with others creates space for leaders to recognize God’s work, God’s heart.

Perhaps there are ways in which these practices might be useful to you as you seek to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and a leader in your congregation. And some of you may wish to partner with us financially to help us continue to live out this calling. The Siburt Institute is jointly underwritten by ACU and by persons who believe in our mission. Please let me know if you would like to join others in extending our work!


Dr. Carson Reed is Vice President for Church Relations at Abilene Christian University and Executive Director of the Siburt Institute for Church Ministry. He also serves as the Director for the Doctor of Ministry Program and holds the Frazer Endowed Chair for Church Enrichment in the Graduate School of Theology. Through the Siburt Institute, Carson does consulting work with congregations and church leaders across the country. His teaching and research centers on leadership, preaching, and issues surrounding faith and culture. Carson and his wife Vickie have been married for over 30 years and have four grown children.
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Author:  Publish Date: August 26, 2016

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