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Fixer Upper, Shiplap, and the Importance of Greeting

Greeting others when we gather for worship may seem unimportant or a simple courtesy, but in truth it participates in the substance of who we are as God’s family. As a preaching minister, I feel a sense of responsibility for welcoming others into our worship gathering. It goes with the job and it…

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The Crossroads of Art and Faith: A Contemporary Christian Conversation

In this interview with Randy Harris, Dan McGregor discusses the value of art to faith in an image-based culture. He highlights how art has the potential of conveying the divine in a way that words alone cannot. Dan McGregor is an artist as well as Professor of Art and Design at Abilene Christian University.…

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Singing Is a Sacrament

After hearing some stirring hymn singing during the annual Pepperdine Bible Lectures, noted Anglican theologian N. T. Wright observed: “If the Holy Spirit is not active, I would jolly well like to know what you think is going on when your ‘lot’ is singing.” Wright’s words are a reminder that something deeply spiritual…

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