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Keeping Ourselves–and Young People–Near the Cross

I’ve always been slightly jealous of congregations with “real” youth groups. You know the ones I’m talking about: the ones with well-painted and decorated class rooms. The ones with a full-time youth minister who, despite congregational complaints that he is an overpaid song leader, makes a difference in the lives of teenagers. The…

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Hospitality Ministry: As Old as Pentecost

Our church is launching a new hospitality initiative to better engage our guests on Sundays. So I’ve been reading the book of Acts, paying attention to what this story of the early church teaches about being a community toward which people gravitate. My approach is simple: Anytime Luke says the church grew (which…

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Going to Church on Christmas

Pope Julius I was not a forward thinking leader.  Instead of fixing Christmas on the 25th of December, he could have set the date of Christmas on the last Thursday of the month.  That’s what Abraham Lincoln did with Thanksgiving, and it is so much easier to schedule worship services and office closings…

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