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The Role of Intentional Affirmation in Female Development

Who inspired you to be in ministry? It’s a question many of us can answer, but how often do we stop to consider if we have passed along the same gift? As ministry leaders there is an intentional, but simple, thing we can do to help women move toward ministry. It is important…

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Envisioning the Dream of Ministry

In a university setting, students are often asked a seemingly innocent question: “What are your plans for the future?” Although it sounds like small talk, the question can be quite difficult to answer. To answer this question, we must have a vision of possibilities for the future. A vision for future employment is…

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A “Whatever” Spirituality

One of my least favorite phrases is “the Lord’s work.” When people talk about ministry or describe the work of ministers they sometimes use this phrase: “But you are doing the Lord’s work.” And yes, that is true … God taught and ministered. God brought “theology” into being. God ministered, preached, proclaimed, prophesied,…

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