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Teaching Women Effectively

Women’s studies have had a reputation of being fluffy. I am not sure exactly where this reputation began, although it may have to do with a preference for meeting “felt needs” rather than “real needs.” A felt needs approach would likely give preference to instruction on something practical that helps women meet every…

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When Insecurity Parades as Certainty

In the midst of my (still relatively new) theological studies I am learning so many things. I am experiencing the Bible in ways that I never have. I am reshaping my thoughts on things that were long taught to me as “Gospel truth” and reimagining what the Word of God is capable of…

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Theological Education in Churches of Christ: Prospects and Perspectives (Part Two) by Mark W. Hamilton

The Theological Landscape Today  In the previous post, I claimed that the changes in church life and theology over the past few years offered, for the most part, good news. But if the news is good, what precisely is it about? To answer the question, let me step back in time. In the…

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