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An Undoubtedly Very Different Benedict: On Rod Dreher and Four Mistakes to Make with Monasticism

The last several decades have witnessed the flourishing of a certain enchantment with monasticism. Whether it’s the product of some “postmodern” thirst for spirituality, or the idealistic quest of youth that equates radical practice with authenticity, or simply perhaps the perennial appeal of novelty, the literature of Christian spirituality that taps into centuries…

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What an Atheist Taught Me about Spirituality (by Stephanie Hamm)

“You know what? I think he is searching.” I said this to my husband about my friend Eugene. I had been admiring Eugene’s photography. He takes wonderful pictures of landscapes and buildings and churches—particularly the steeples of churches. I was enjoying such a steeple picture when I made this comment. I guess I…

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Theological Education in Churches of Christ: Prospects and Perspectives (Part Two) by Mark W. Hamilton

The Theological Landscape Today  In the previous post, I claimed that the changes in church life and theology over the past few years offered, for the most part, good news. But if the news is good, what precisely is it about? To answer the question, let me step back in time. In the…

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