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The Blessing of Challenge

Recently my family returned from some travels that included a two-week stay with an intentional Christian community called the Bruderhof. We took this rather unusual vacation of sorts partly because we are a family of adventurers who like to go new places and have new experiences. We (especially I) grow bored with routine…

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What If Happiness Actually IS the Truth?

“Clap along if you think that happiness is the truth.” –Pharrell Williams in the song “Happy,” the #1 song of 2014. [1] — Let’s do a little thought experiment. Imagine you could ask the typical American what their goal in life was and you received this ubiquitous, though thoroughly honest, answer: “I just…

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A Heart Aflame: On Piety and the Glory of God

Few people enjoy being called pietistic today. The word piety has become a pejorative term today. Classifying someone as “pietistic” most often connotes excessive religiosity, self-righteousness, or a holier-than-thou attitude. The etymology of the word piety, however, is more positive. The Old Testament term for this word means “the fear of the Lord,”…

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