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CHARIS: “Shape Notes and Widescreens” by DJ Bulls

Adams Center for Teaching and LearningWe believe that learning is a lifelong process and that those of us who teach make a commitment to continue our learning throughout our lives. The Adams Center exists to promote the lifelong learning of Abilene Christian University’s faculty as they strive to integrate their faith and their…

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Singing Is a Sacrament

After hearing some stirring hymn singing during the annual Pepperdine Bible Lectures, noted Anglican theologian N. T. Wright observed: “If the Holy Spirit is not active, I would jolly well like to know what you think is going on when your ‘lot’ is singing.” Wright’s words are a reminder that something deeply spiritual…

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The Congregational Singing Crisis

While many would say we have invested too much time in the “worship wars,” there are issues still worth struggling over. Consider, for example, the significant decline of congregational singing in churches all over America. Simply put: people in church are singing less and less. The consequences are significant. We must ask: What…

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