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Soulitude: Facing the Monsters of Leadership

October is here. And with it movies where every character’s choices are questioned and grown adults scream at screens for someone “Not to go in there!” or “Don’t split up, dummies!” Interestingly enough, one of the most common themes of the horror genre is what’s called the “sneaky departure.” In this oft-used trope…

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As I was suffering from writer’s block in preparation for this article, I reflected on questions I customarily process when preparing to write for the faithful readers of the CHARIS blog. Some questions I pondered were: What is the social climate that leaders must be mindful of? In what way can I make…

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Soul Care in the Wilderness: A Preacher’s Journey

When you’re ready to abandon ship There was a time I was ready to throw in the towel in ministry and with churches altogether. My frustrations with churches had grown to a dangerous level and were ready to implode in my weary soul. The voices of failure and inadequacy had taken over my…

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