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Confessions from the Wilderness

I recently made a fairly public confession about my personal life: I struggle with depression. And while “confession” is definitely not the right word to use for this scenario, I maintain that it feels right simply because I feel guilty for being depressed. I feel called to inspire hope and joy in my…

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A Tale of Two Trees

It’s that time of year where the world collectively releases a sigh and marvels at the miracle of surviving another year. Various faith communities gather for holiday festivities, families traverse the globe to reach one another, and we all relish in the opportunity to welcome the imminent new year. In this season of…

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It Won’t Always Be This Way

Do you know why cars have two headlights? It’s pretty simple: because horse-drawn carriages had two lanterns. As gas-powered vehicles began to replace horse-powered vehicles, many of the features of the older design crept into the new one. Of course, you could just place a single light in the front of the vehicle.…

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