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Helping Your Prodigals to Come Home … and Stay Home

Prodigals. Every church family has them and every church wants them to come home. We preach about it, sing about it, and pray about it. We want the Christian whose life has blown apart because of sin to repent and be restored. We welcome the prodigal to sit in our office and talk…

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Whatever Happened to Eschatology?

I am a geek when it comes to end-time scenarios. I appreciate the creativity and skill that goes into producing charts, timetables, and future histories. One can bend and twist Scripture over other theological categories such a salvation, ecclesiology and the nature of Christ, yet it will always be a derivative of previous…

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Tension at the Threshold: Hospitality and Immigration (Part 1)

Few words reverberate more in our churches than immigrant. The woman who sits directly in front of the pulpit each Sunday conjures the smile of her German mother who came to America after WWII. The young couple from Las Vegas who sits in the back with their baby recoil at memories of the…

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