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Why White Christians Should Know Black History

The past few months, I have had several conversations with White Christians surrounding Black History. In these conversations, I have shared how Africa is one of the wealthiest continents in the world due to its high volume of minerals, diamonds, gold and other natural resources. I have shared some current studies of how…

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For the Kids

My childhood was awesome. I spent a substantial part of my childhood in rural Indiana, with a large backyard and a wild pack of older brothers. My most vivid childhood memories involve the joy of being small—hiding in our ramshackle fortresses during Nerf gun fights, wandering through cornfield mazes behind our house, crawling…

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Leaves Fall as I Wait for Something to Change: Reconnecting Faith and Learning by Steven T. Moore

I look out the window, having realized evening approaches and the golden hour – blazing like fire – send sparks lifting off into the air, abandoning the shiny surfaces of every leaf. They change slowly, the leaves – moving from green to red, then red to orange, then orange to yellow.   The…

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