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Why White Christians Should Know Black History

The past few months, I have had several conversations with White Christians surrounding Black History. In these conversations, I have shared how Africa is one of the wealthiest continents in the world due to its high volume of minerals, diamonds, gold and other natural resources. I have shared some current studies of how…

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To White Christian Leaders

As a millennial African American leader, the past couple of months I have been fortunate to share meals with friends and associates who are white church leaders, missiologists, or ordinary good people. The conversations for most of these engagements were centered on the racial tensions that are evident throughout America. Most of my…

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Bus Ride for Justice

I’m taking a break this month from my ongoing Managing the Tension series to share something else I’ve written with you. You can find the articles in that series here: Introduction, Global & Local 1, Global & Local 2, Change & Stability. In September, our local newspaper, the Jackson Clarion-Ledger, asked me to write a brief article for…

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