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They whisper to us. From the pages of Scripture, countless women whisper to us. But if we’re too loud with our preconceived notions of what women can and cannot do, who they can and cannot be, we will miss it. We won’t hear them praying, teaching, prophesying, and preaching. We’ll overlook it when…

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Why the Church Needs Feminism, Part 4

From Part 3: In the church, the narrative we write for women is important. If the narrative is narrow and unyielding, if the roles are predetermined and leave zero room for diversity, then those who are seen as outliers become the outcasts. The outcasts become the vulnerable. The vulnerable become the victims. The…

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Why the Church Needs Feminism, Part 3

From Part 2: “In church services, women rarely hear themselves reflected in the nature of God. And when you don’t see yourself represented in something as important as faith, then it is really difficult to take ownership of the whole thing. There’s a devaluing that happens, whether intentionally or unintentionally.” __ Shame and…

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