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One Thing the Church Needs to Know about Millennials (and Every Other Generation)

My inbox is cluttered with newsletters from church growth gurus and other religious websites attempting to inform me on millennials. Numbers seem to be the main concern of these articles: “7 Things Millennials Wish the Church Would Do,” “10 Ways Your Church Can Reach Millennials,” “5 Reasons Millennials Hate Your Church,” etc. and…

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Looking for Millennials … In All the Wrong Places

A conversation I hear repeatedly in many congregations is the lament over the loss of younger adults. Even many of the younger adults who do remain within the congregation seem to be less than fully engaged in the life of the church. The question I’m often asked is, “Why?” I don’t know that…

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Key Tips from Bill and Mike

It was a Kodak moment. Bill’s silver hair and frail figure evidenced his nearly 80 years, but his face glowed with obvious affection for Mike. Mike, 20-something, tough, athletic—and months into a recovery program—stood beside Bill in the baptistery. As Bill spoke soft, clear words, Mike nodded slightly. The whole congregation could feel…

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