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He Made a Robot, and Then He Married Her (It?)

Zheng Jiajia is an artificial intelligence expert from Japan. He was evidently unable to find a suitable mate (or could not find love) so he built a humanoid robot. And then married her, or it. Or whatever. His family even attended the ceremony. He programmed his robot to speak some rudimentary sentences and has…

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Weddings and Discipleship in a Post-Christendom Era

Throughout the 1600-year era of Christendom, Christians generally assumed their societies would reinforce and uphold Judeo-Christian values. Christendom more or less began when a pre-Christian Constantine raised the banner of the conquering Christ as he won a major battle. For many historians of the Christian faith, this launched the great compromise of Christianity. Good citizens of “Christian…

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Sometimes I Hate You, but I’m Glad We’re Still Happily Married

Charlie Shedd once said he found a note on the fridge after a particularly contentious argument with his wife. The note read, “Dear Charlie, I hate you. Love Martha.” Covenant love forms in us something inexplicably beautiful and paradoxically difficult. I saw something like that recently at a wedding, where some of the…

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