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Preaching in the Age of PowerPoint

Once upon a time before PowerPoint, sermons were rarely preached with visuals. In those dark ages one had to rely on hand-drawn graphics, chalkboards, dry-erase markers, overhead projectors and the mysterious flannel-graph. (Science still cannot explain how those paper cut-outs stick to the flannel.) But now, our investment in technology has made it…

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How Are You and Your Dreams Getting Along this Advent?

Joseph is the forgotten member of Jesus’s family. He doesn’t get any lines in all of Scripture. And there’s just not very much we know about him. He’s not a major part of any of our favorite Christmas stories, except as maybe a background character. And he is a major part of most…

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Leaving the Museum: Daring to Preach in Present Tense

Once when I was in college, sitting in one of my Bible classes at Lipscomb University, I wandered into a peculiarly vivid daydream. Now, before I tell you about my daydream, I should probably issue an apology to any of my college professors who ever lost me to my daydreaming. The fault was…

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