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Why Silence? It’s Hard (Part 2)

Henri Nouwen wrote, “Without solitude it is virtually impossible to live a spiritual life.” Intuition tells me this is true but if the whole truth is to be told, I fight solitude with all my being; I resist purposefully stopping to rest with God. Sometimes, I use excuses of all that depends on…

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Pick a Side

By simply watching the news or keeping up with current events, it becomes obvious that ours is a nation of dichotomies. From the very beginning our society has been divided into “for” and “against,” or “pro” and “anti” camps. My political science professor in college believed this to be a main reason why…

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Finding Our Identity

If you pay attention to society long enough, you’ll discover that there is a calculus that goes with individualism. We want to stake a claim to our own identity—far enough away from the mainstream to be an individual, but not so far that we are alone. We want to be our own man…

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