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The Tension between Invitation Versus Protection and Why You Should Never Eat Mediocre Food in Mississippi

Yesterday as I was leaving my office, I noticed a man on a motorcycle in the parking lot. It’s always an adventure walking out to the parking lot after work. Our church building is right on the frontage road for I-55 in Jackson, Mississippi, so we get an impressive sampling of travelers. Motorcycle…

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Fixer Upper, Shiplap, and the Importance of Greeting

Greeting others when we gather for worship may seem unimportant or a simple courtesy, but in truth it participates in the substance of who we are as God’s family. As a preaching minister, I feel a sense of responsibility for welcoming others into our worship gathering. It goes with the job and it…

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The Story Begins Here: Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Shepherding is largely “a family affair.” And—the elder’s spouse is a key factor. As a shepherding couple, Clois and Betty Fowler represented the best in graciousness and hospitality, especially in the young and formative stages of my wife’s and my ministry. They were like second grandparents to our grandchildren—and to many others. We…

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