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“Choose Joy” and Other Ridiculous Things People Say to People in Recovery

Here I am at work in my therapy practice, sitting across from yet another client who is telling me that they can’t understand why they are struggling so much when they “know there are people in the world who have it way worse.” Comparing pain. It’s just what we do. I hear it…

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Preaching Through Pain: A Contemporary Christian Conversation

What happens when the preacher struggles with their own faith? In this interview with Randy Harris, Mike Cope speaks of finding ways to minister to others from an authentic place even when your heart is broken. He shares, in a frank and honest way, experiences from his personal journey of faith that have offered both…

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When Our Children Die

Cancer and car wrecks. Diseases that have been there since birth or sudden, unexpected and unexplained. Victims of crime or the consequence of horrible decisions. Adult children and those not yet born into this world. Children who die and parents who bury them. There are few things that impact our church families as much as the…

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