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When Insecurity Parades as Certainty

In the midst of my (still relatively new) theological studies I am learning so many things. I am experiencing the Bible in ways that I never have. I am reshaping my thoughts on things that were long taught to me as “Gospel truth” and reimagining what the Word of God is capable of…

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The Women’s Issue

We often refer to the conversations around women in the church as “the women’s issue.” Churches are studying “the women’s issue.” Churches are dividing over “the women’s issue. Men and women, myself included, have emphasized the importance of “the women’s issue.” But is “the women’s issue” truly a women’s issue? Does it belong…

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The Tension between Invitation Versus Protection and Why You Should Never Eat Mediocre Food in Mississippi

Yesterday as I was leaving my office, I noticed a man on a motorcycle in the parking lot. It’s always an adventure walking out to the parking lot after work. Our church building is right on the frontage road for I-55 in Jackson, Mississippi, so we get an impressive sampling of travelers. Motorcycle…

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