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Soul Care in the Wilderness: A Preacher’s Journey

When you’re ready to abandon ship There was a time I was ready to throw in the towel in ministry and with churches altogether. My frustrations with churches had grown to a dangerous level and were ready to implode in my weary soul. The voices of failure and inadequacy had taken over my…

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Healthy Responses for Church Leaders: Human Beings or Human Becomings?

This is part 3 of an ongoing series. Find the rest of the series here. — Healthy Response #3: Focus on PROCESS not content Would you like to drive yourself crazy? It’s really quite easy—just focus on the content of your church. Your teaching and sermons aren’t as good as they could be.…

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What an Atheist Taught Me about Spirituality (by Stephanie Hamm)

“You know what? I think he is searching.” I said this to my husband about my friend Eugene. I had been admiring Eugene’s photography. He takes wonderful pictures of landscapes and buildings and churches—particularly the steeples of churches. I was enjoying such a steeple picture when I made this comment. I guess I…

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