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Master, the Tempest is Raging!

Ever felt like you’re trapped in a tiny little boat and there’s a storm raging around you—or within you—that threatens to overwhelm you? The lightning flashes, the thunderclaps deafen, the rain beats down against your face so hard that you can’t see. And this storm won’t relent. It just keeps coming. On your…

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Fishermen as Disciples

Matthew 4:18-22 tells the story of Jesus calling Peter, Andrew, James, and John. It is a matter of some disagreement whether these fishermen were rich or poor. Some argue that their owning boats implies a level of wealth. Others argue that fishermen from Capernaum are not among the elite of Palestine. Whether they…

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The Things that Make for Peace: Making Friends with Your Emotions

I’m using my blog posts this year to explore a question that emerged from my encounter with Luke 19:42 last year: What are the things that make for peace? You can find the rest of the series here. — “What do you do with your anger?” a friend asked me several years ago. I understood his curiosity. By all appearances, I’m a pretty…

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