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A Naked Christian, Part 2

A conversation with one of my older friends—a big brother—in the [neighbor]hood (South Jamaica, Queens): Craig: [with much excitement] Oh snap! Juicy, what’s good, little homie? Me: I’m good, enjoying life, grinding, keeping my head above the waters. What’s good with you, homie? Craig: Son, I remember how you were growing up, and…

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Knowing God through Experience: The role of personal testimony in baptismal services among Baptists

Knowing God Through Experience: The role of personal testimony in baptismal services among Baptists. A CHARIS lecture by Dr. Anthony R. Cross, Oxford University. Response from Dr. Everett Ferguson, Abilene Christian University. Originally presented October 12, 2015, Chapel on the Hill, Abilene Christian University. “The personal testimonies of baptismal candidates occupy a key place within the…

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The Sacrament of Baptism among the First Baptists

The Sacrament of Baptism among the First Baptists.  Dr. Anthony R. Cross (Oxford University). With a response by Dr. Doug Foster (Abilene Christian University).  Presented as a CHARIS lecture on October 13, 2015. Abilene Christian University. “Baptismal sacramentalism continues to generate considerable interest, and often polarized views, among Baptists. With reference to the…

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