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A Missional Plea for Christian Pacifism

My, how the church has changed. Historically speaking, pacifism appears the unquestioned stance of the New Testament and the early church. Before the age of Constantine and the onset of Christendom, the church fathers held a consistently strong line against Christian participation in war and violence. One can find exceptions of course, but…

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Where Are You Going, Abram?

After over 10 years of dreaming, praying, and visiting Philadelphia, the time has come for my family and I to finally move out of Texas and into the city of brotherly love. This has been such a long, exciting, anxious journey filled with doubts, struggles, enthusiasm, questions, frustration, affirmation, and joy. During these…

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What Is Winning?

Multi-billion-dollar corporation Nike built its brand by paying athletes to endorse their product. Michael Jordan became the first famous athlete—or at least the first I can remember—with his own shoe. “Jordans” became both sports equipment and status symbol, to the extent that a decade after his retirement kids are still buying “his” shoe.…

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