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Saving Pastor In from Deportation

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Each person should suffer the consequences for the mistakes they make. I’m going to guess that you hedged your bets. You likely didn’t say a straight-up true or a flat-out false. Perhaps your answer is like mine: “It depends.” For Vanna In, youth pastor at the North…

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Going to Church on Christmas

Pope Julius I was not a forward thinking leader.  Instead of fixing Christmas on the 25th of December, he could have set the date of Christmas on the last Thursday of the month.  That’s what Abraham Lincoln did with Thanksgiving, and it is so much easier to schedule worship services and office closings…

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Small Churches and the God of the Poor

In America’s “bigger is better” culture, small church leaders can suffer from an inferiority complex. Large churches with flamboyant leaders are mostly the ones receiving pats on their backs, not the folks from small town America who work tirelessly and faithfully without institutional recognition. But what if bigger is not necessarily better? What…

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