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Saving Pastor In from Deportation

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Each person should suffer the consequences for the mistakes they make. I’m going to guess that you hedged your bets. You likely didn’t say a straight-up true or a flat-out false. Perhaps your answer is like mine: “It depends.” For Vanna In, youth pastor at the North…

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The Things that Make for Peace: De-Triangulation

I heard a story this week about a school principal that made me smile. If I had kids, I might want to send them to his school just based on this one anecdote. As the new school year began, the principal let parents know from the outset: “If you have a conflict with someone from school this year, and if you come and talk to me (the principal) about it, I’m going to ask you one question: ‘What did that person say when you talked to them about this?’ If you haven’t talked to them yet, then I’m not going to talk to you until you do so.”

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What Does It Mean to Have a King?

Our worship is loaded with royal language. We sing of thrones and majesty. We pray to the Lord. We speak of sovereignty. We bow our heads in reverence. But what does it mean to have a king? For most Americans, having a king means following the Windsor family of the U.K. as if they…

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