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The Post-Conflict Show

It was Saturday, with Sunday fast approaching. Due to travel and family emergencies, I was the last minister standing. Having several things to accomplish, while getting dressed, I texted my husband, Chuck, who was in the kitchen. “Can you take Hazel for ice cream or something so I can finish running errands by…

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Healthy Responses for Church Leaders: What is “Health” Anyway?

This is part 6 of an ongoing series. Find the rest of the series here. — Healthy Response #6: Focus on SYSTEM not symptom Have you ever thought about how difficult it is to define the word health? Even if we’re just talking about physical health. Who is more healthy: a baby with a…

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What You Look for Is Often What You Get

Like many people I know, I place little reminders around my office to remind me of things I’d like to remember. Several of these reminders are clustered on the small bulletin board I keep by my office door. Settled amidst this haphazard collection is a rather plain-looking white piece of paper with the…

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