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Boxing Day Sermon

The humblest day of the year has to be Dec. 26. At least Dec. 24 gets to be Christmas Eve. All the other dates between Thanksgiving and Christmas are the “Holiday Season.” There’s great anticipation and much preparation in those days. The spirit of Christmas is there; but Dec. 26 is different. Some…

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How Are You and Your Dreams Getting Along this Advent?

Joseph is the forgotten member of Jesus’s family. He doesn’t get any lines in all of Scripture. And there’s just not very much we know about him. He’s not a major part of any of our favorite Christmas stories, except as maybe a background character. And he is a major part of most…

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The War on Advent

It’s that time of year again. Lights are strung on houses, carolers are singing in the streets, peppermint mochas replace pumpkin spice, snowmen stand guard in front lawns, and the war on Christmas wages on. Sacrilegious statues are raised in front of courthouses, Starbucks probably still offends everyone with their still not Christmas-y…

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