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Tiffany Dahlman is part of a leadership team and ministers at Courtyard Church of Christ in Fayetteville, NC. She did her undergraduate work at York College and holds an M.Div. from Asbury Theological Seminary with an emphasis in spiritual formation and Old Testament studies. She is currently in the D.Min. program at ACU pondering ways wisdom Christology can transform the life of the local church. She loves to listen to the Blue Ridge Mountains under blankets in the fall, feel the Atlantic wash over her ankles in the summer, abide in winter with her husband, and laugh with her four children all year long.

Tension at the Threshold: Hospitality and Immigration (Part 3)

Hospitality toward immigrants is a culture in the kingdom of our re-birth, and evidence of it abounds in Scripture. Cities of Refuge in Num. 35 offer the church a relevant model of hospitality toward the immigrant and refugee. Yet, biblical aids to relearn Christian hospitality toward immigrants do not stop in the Bronze Age.

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Tension at the Threshold: Hospitality and Immigration (Part 2)

Find part 1 and part 3 of this series. – “People are attempting to enter the country to do us harm.” “Removing borders is not loving toward my family whom I’m called to protect.” “Our church resources are limited. We can barely care for our own families; we can’t care for refugee families.” Fair concerns remain about…

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Tension at the Threshold: Hospitality and Immigration (Part 1)

Few words reverberate more in our churches than immigrant. The woman who sits directly in front of the pulpit each Sunday conjures the smile of her German mother who came to America after WWII. The young couple from Las Vegas who sits in the back with their baby recoil at memories of the…

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