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Steven J. Brice is a proud New Yorker. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Christian Counseling from Amberton University and a Master of Divinity degree in Missions from Abilene Christian University. Steven and his wife Regina live in Dallas with their son Brian and daughter Brooklynn. The Brices and a few friends are planning to move to Philadelphia to join in God’s mission there. Lastly, the Brice family are the successful owners of Brice Enterprise & Choice A Real Estate Services.

Where Are You Going, Abram?

After over 10 years of dreaming, praying, and visiting Philadelphia, the time has come for my family and I to finally move out of Texas and into the city of brotherly love. This has been such a long, exciting, anxious journey filled with doubts, struggles, enthusiasm, questions, frustration, affirmation, and joy. During these…

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Dick Gregory: A Smile in the Struggle

On August 19, 2017, the world lost a civil rights activist, social critic, and comedian. Dick Gregory was a stand-up comedian who insulted all forms of racism during the 1960s. In the midst of heightened racial tension, protest, and the struggle for civil rights, Gregory provided entertainment, relief, and a smile for African…

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As I was suffering from writer’s block in preparation for this article, I reflected on questions I customarily process when preparing to write for the faithful readers of the CHARIS blog. Some questions I pondered were: What is the social climate that leaders must be mindful of? In what way can I make…

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Why White Christians Should Know Black History

The past few months, I have had several conversations with White Christians surrounding Black History. In these conversations, I have shared how Africa is one of the wealthiest continents in the world due to its high volume of minerals, diamonds, gold and other natural resources. I have shared some current studies of how…

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