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Kasey McCollum is a hospital chaplain in Denton, TX. She is particularly focused on grief support for families experiencing perinatal and newborn death. She is a contributor to the newly released book “Finding Their Voices: Sermons by Women in the Churches of Christ” by D’Esta Love. She loves to cook but loathes doing the dishes. When she isn’t working or playing with her children you will likely find her doing hot yoga or by the campfire with friends. She lives in Denton, TX, with her husband Casey (yes, you read that correctly) and their two children, Clare and Micah.


I just got back from a weekend away camping. It is something my family and some of our closest friends try to do regularly. It is also one way I take care of my spirit. We had perfect weather. It was warm enough during the day for the kids to play in the…

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Discovering Our Theology

Writing papers was always difficult for me. To write something down seemed so final, concrete. Not only was it a vulnerable experience to put one’s ideas into words to be read and examined by others but also to somehow stand on their own, without opportunity for further explanation or nuance. This was and…

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