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The mission of the Siburt Institute for Church Ministry is to offer resources and best practices for leading congregational communities in pursuit of God’s mission the world and to provide avenues for the spiritual formation of Christian leaders. In doing so, the institute promotes constructive and collaborative relationships between churches and Abilene Christian University. The Church portion of the CHARIS site is one of the Siburt Institute’s many resources.

Preaching Through Pain: A Contemporary Christian Conversation

What happens when the preacher struggles with their own faith? In this interview with Randy Harris, Mike Cope speaks of finding ways to minister to others from an authentic place even when your heart is broken. He shares, in a frank and honest way, experiences from his personal journey of faith that have offered both…

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The Crossroads of Art and Faith: A Contemporary Christian Conversation

In this interview with Randy Harris, Dan McGregor discusses the value of art to faith in an image-based culture. He highlights how art has the potential of conveying the divine in a way that words alone cannot. Dan McGregor is an artist as well as Professor of Art and Design at Abilene Christian University.…

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Clean and Unclean: A Contemporary Christian Conversation

In this interview with Randy Harris, Richard Beck explains the often-irrational reactions to things (and people) we perceive as “unclean.” He points out how practice is more important than preaching when attempting to address the resulting irrational behaviors. Dr. Richard Beck is Department Chair and Professor of Psychology at Abilene Christian University. Randy Harris teaches…

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Black Rage: A Contemporary Christian Conversation

In this video, Dr. Steven Moore shares his personal experiences and perspectives on Black rage. He and Randy Harris explore the complexities of being followers of Christ when racial injustices are commonplace. See also Dr. Moore’s recommended reading list. Steven Moore is Associate Professor of English and Director of the McNair Scholars Program at Abilene…

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