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Jen Hale Christy is a writer, speaker, and theologian living in the Portland, Oregon, area with her husband Dave and four children. Jen is a follower of Jesus whose preaching about missional living, soul care, and identity take on flesh in her own life. A former associate chaplain, associate minister, and adjunct faculty in religion, she earned a Doctor of Ministry at Lipscomb University (2015) and Master of Divinity at Abilene Christian University (2006). She uses her gifts of speaking, writing, and teaching in ways that announce God’s kingdom here on earth, from the academy to the church, to the neighborhood and the grocery store, to the interwebs and the kitchen.

Without Hope or One in Christ?

Do you remember where you came from? Some of us came from wealth, some from food stamps. Some of our parents were educated in schools, some on the streets. Some of us were raised in Christian homes while some were openly hostile to Christianity. We spoke different languages, had special traditions and funny…

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Missional Hospitality: A Beautiful Emptying

Contrary to how it’s regarded in some circles, missional hospitality is not an outreach strategy. It’s not about far-away “missions” and it’s not a strategy at all. The specifics will look different for everyone and each community, but if you choose to practice missional hospitality, there’s a good chance you’ll be asked to…

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