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Jason Locke is the preaching minister for the College Church of Christ in Fresno, California. He has been in full-time ministry since 1994, serving first as a church-planter in Prague, Czech Republic, and later as a university pastor at West Virginia University. Jason has an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Tennessee Technological University and has advanced degrees from Abilene Christian University, including an MDiv and DMin. Jason has been married to Julie since 1992. They have two sons, Jericho and Jacob.

Saving Pastor In from Deportation

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Each person should suffer the consequences for the mistakes they make. I’m going to guess that you hedged your bets. You likely didn’t say a straight-up true or a flat-out false. Perhaps your answer is like mine: “It depends.” For Vanna In, youth pastor at the North…

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The Day I Escaped My Bubble

Someone pointed me to a recent episode called “Bubble-Hopping” from the podcast Invisibilia. The focus was whether it’s possible to escape the bubbles we all invariably inhabit. The main part of the episode focused on Max, a tech industry employee in San Francisco. Max created an app to help him experience things he would…

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The Emotional Brain, Romantic Idealism, and Church-Planting

If you’ve ever watched The Bachelor, then you begin to have an inkling of how messed up our decision-making is. I’m increasingly convinced that most people would make very poor choices if given an unlimited set of options with no restrictions on what they could choose. This is part of the reason, in…

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The Real Reason and Remedy for a Divided Society

I have some bad news. In case you haven’t noticed, our country is a little divided. There are deep schisms along multiple fault lines. It’s heartland versus coast. It’s white collar versus blue. Our rifts take on political, economic, religious, ethnic, and even educational contours. I’m guessing you’ve taken note of these divisions.…

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Five Keys to Reviving a Dying Church

Dying churches are a reality in North America. Recent research and anecdotal stories point to church decline. Studies from the Pew Research Center, Barna Group and Thom Rainer consistently demonstrate at least three things: (1) Church attendance overall is on a downward trend; (2) The vast majority of congregations are in decline; and (3)…

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Weddings and Discipleship in a Post-Christendom Era

Throughout the 1600-year era of Christendom, Christians generally assumed their societies would reinforce and uphold Judeo-Christian values. Christendom more or less began when a pre-Christian Constantine raised the banner of the conquering Christ as he won a major battle. For many historians of the Christian faith, this launched the great compromise of Christianity. Good citizens of “Christian…

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