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David Nelson graduated from ACU in 2009 with a master’s in Christian ministry. He has been living and working in New Zealand since 1997 as Dean of Academics and lecturer of the South Pacific Bible College ( in the beautiful coastal city of Tauranga. David is married to Mary, who is passionate about teaching children and equipping others to teach children. Check out her Mission Bible Class website (www.missionbibleclass). They have three grown boys and two grandsons. David has served as a missionary in New Zealand, full-time minister in Michigan and Illinois, worship leader, and elder. He loves the outdoors.

Small Church, Big Heart

New Zealand is a small country with a small population (4.5 million). Perhaps because of this small size, we shouldn’t be surprised that the 25 or so congregations of churches of Christ in New Zealand reflect this by ranging from 5 to around 100 members. These congregations are probably very similar in many…

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