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Chris Benjamin is the preaching minister for the WestArk Church of Christ in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He previously served as preaching minister for the Lake Jackson Church of Christ in Lake Jackson, Texas, and campus minister for the CCSC on the campus of Arkansas Tech University. Benjamin earned his D.Min. and M.Div. from ACU and his B.A. from the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville, where he and his wife Karen were involved in the Razorbacks for Christ campus ministry. They have two sons, Wyatt and Ethan. When he is not restoring some portion of his 50- year-old house, Chris enjoys a good story told well—no matter if it is a novel, comic strip, movie, or comedian.

Fixer Upper, Shiplap, and the Importance of Greeting

Greeting others when we gather for worship may seem unimportant or a simple courtesy, but in truth it participates in the substance of who we are as God’s family. As a preaching minister, I feel a sense of responsibility for welcoming others into our worship gathering. It goes with the job and it…

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Reasons Why Church Leaders Should Go On Short-Term Mission Trips – Part 2

In my previous article I shared three reasons why it is beneficial for church leaders to go on short-term mission trips with their congregation. In this article I intend to show how participation in these trips exposes church leaders to God’s work in the world we share. These observations come from my own…

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Reasons Why Church Leaders Should Go On Short-Term Mission Trips – Part 1

Are short-term mission trips an appropriate use of church resources? Do they help or hinder long-term mission efforts? These are important questions, but I am going to set them aside for another time and make the safe bet that your congregation is involved in some sort of short-term mission or service trip at…

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The Mission of Campus Ministries and Christian Universities

For more than twenty years, campus ministry groups affiliated with Churches of Christ have been making the annual trek in January to the Gulf Coast Getaway in the Florida panhandle.  I am preparing to go as I write this article.  It will be my fourth trip to Gulf Coast Getaway, but the change…

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Shocking Judgment

In my short bio below it mentions that I spend most of my off time restoring portions of our house, which is more than 50 years old. This is both a hobby and a necessity. The challenge of updating a mid-20th century structure to be practical in the first quarter of the 21st century is…

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How to Be Pastoral in a Rancorous Political Season

I asked my father if he could recall an election as rancorous as the 2016 race.  He has been eligible to vote in all elections since 1968 and remembers others before that one.  History shows us that there have been tumultuous seasons of political struggle in that time, but my father’s vote for…

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