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Brandon Pierce is the Senior Minister at the Stamford Church of Christ in Stamford, Connecticut.

An Undoubtedly Very Different Benedict: On Rod Dreher and Four Mistakes to Make with Monasticism

The last several decades have witnessed the flourishing of a certain enchantment with monasticism. Whether it’s the product of some “postmodern” thirst for spirituality, or the idealistic quest of youth that equates radical practice with authenticity, or simply perhaps the perennial appeal of novelty, the literature of Christian spirituality that taps into centuries…

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There’s No Such Thing as Spiritual Formation Without the Church: A Review of Richard Valantasis’ Dazzling Bodies

When I tell my kids to do something and they ask me “why?” my response is so often: “Because I said so!” I know intuitively that what I’m asking my kids to do is good for them, even if I don’t have a systematic explanation ready to give. The same is true of…

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