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Adam Daniels is a freelance writer who has worked in ministry for 12 years, most recently as the Campus Minister at the Campus View Church of Christ in Athens, Georgia. Despite his years of experience in full time ministry and working through a couple of theological degrees, he still has more questions than answers. He is a husband to Jessie, a lover of books, a stumbling disciple of Jesus, and the worst player on his church league softball team. He blogs occasionally at

Weary (A Poem for the Perplexed in this Political Age)

Mankind. An oxymoron? A question? One part man, less parts kind, One wonders what peace there we can find … Weary … Man debates, argues, struggles, labels, Demonizes, divides, and ignores others. Are black, white, democrat, and republican the names we gave to our forgotten brothers? Weary … Driving in our steel cages,…

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When to Quit, and When to Persevere

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.” —Vince Lombardi — Deep within the psyche of every American lurks an idea. A dangerous idea. It’s one that is reinforced in film and music, it’s hinted at in inspirational posters and videos shared on Facebook, and its opposite is held in such high esteem one…

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The Missing Christian Leader

That the modern world is filled with spiritual sickness is no surprise. Despite our increasing mastery over nature through medicine, technology, and science, the battle within still rages on. Depression is on the rise, alienation the norm, and fear dominates everything from the 24-hour news cycle to what car we should drive if…

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