What If God Does Not Want Your Candidate to Win?

It is election season in the United States and there is no avoiding it. I have heard conversations in person and on social media that state with absolute certainty how I should vote as a Christian.  Most of those discussions are about which candidate would be best to keep–or to make–this country what it should be as a Christian nation.  Others talk in terms of who would establish the best environment for Christians to practice their faith with a minimal amount of persecution.  Still others attempt to convince me which candidate is the most unchristian.  I assume this is so I will vote for the candidate who is the lesser of two evils.

In the interest of full disclosure, I need to be upfront and tell you I am not voting in this election. The Kingdom I belong to is not of this world and it does not have geographical boundaries.  It is secure and will outlast every country on this earth.  My King rules today, he will rule after the election, and his will is going to be done no matter who wins.  And it grieves me to hear Christians attack either candidate as unchristian while ignoring the unchristian character of the other.  Especially when they do not sound much like Jesus when sharing their opinion.

But I am very interested in what happens in this election. And I wonder…

What if God is viewing this election in a completely different way than we are?

What if God is not interested in making this country safe and secure for Christians? What if he knows that persecution will strengthen our faith?

What if God knows that a hostile culture will give us greater opportunities to live among the pagans in such a way that they see God in us?

Is it possible that what we see as an undesirable outcome is actually what might make people receptive to the good news of Jesus?

What if your candidate losing is the best thing for the growth of the Kingdom?

What if Christians live courageously in a hostile culture, serve our neighbors even in evil circumstances, and speak boldly the good news of a different life?

What if your candidate losing prepares the people in this country to hear the good news of Jesus?

Well, obviously I am not God. But I want his will to be done.  I want his will to be done in this election.  I am not interested in safety or security.  I do not feel compelled to preserve this country for future generations.

I do want people to know Jesus. And I trust God to do whatever necessary to make that possible.

God, may your will be done and may we have the faith and courage to seize the day for you.


Steve loves to tell the story of Jesus. He is the Director of Ministry for Hope for Life, a Herald of Truth Ministry, and serves as an elder at the Southern Hills church of Christ in Abilene, TX. He is a popular speaker for Lectureships, seminars, and retreats, and his latest book is “Can I Tell You a Story?” He and his wife Marsha have two children and five grandchildren.

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Author:  Publish Date: November 4, 2016

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